Renovation: Overview

All Reiner Communities are recapitalized for a useful life of 30 years. A fully renovated property is typically completed in 6-8 months. Existing residents are only temporarily relocated for 2 nights and 3 days in order to perform the unit interior work. While our scope differs by property type, our typical renovation includes: 

Site Work - new landscaping, drainage, site accessibility, lighting & paving.
Building Exterior - new roofs, windows, doors, siding, paint, exterior stairwells, decks & patios.
Mechanical & Life Safety Systems - new heating & cooling systems, nurse call stations, fire safety systems, security systems & upgraded elevators.
Unit interiors - kitchen & bathrooms are completely refurbished and flooring & lighting are upgraded.
Common areas - new or remodeled community buildings, computer learning centers, leasing offices, playgrounds, picnic areas and remodeled corridors & lobbies.